Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Protection Policy

Pay attention to environmental protection and comply with laws and regulations

The company is committed to environmental protection and corporate responsibility, and truly abides by environmental laws and regulations, and guards against environmental pollution caused by violations of the law.

Green AI, Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, and Consumption Reduction

Improve the efficiency of water, electricity and paper use in existing operations, and incorporate energy use management and low carbon AI into future project planning content to reduce the consumption of water, electricity and paper by enterprises to achieve the purpose of green cloud, energy saving, and carbon reduction.

Recycling Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention

Effectively use resources and waste materials for collection and reuse, and implement pollution prevention work to effectively achieve the purpose of pollution prevention.

Make Good Use of Resources and Sustainable Operation

In the company’s operations and commercial activities, it reduces manufacturing waste, saves resources and energy, and implements effective management of business waste to meet the requirements of sustainable business operations and sustainable software engineering practices.

Enlighten Action and Full Participation

Continue to promote green concepts through internal management, all employees participate in the improvement of environmental management performance, continuous education and training and appropriate communication to enhance the environmental awareness of employees and suppliers and the company’s image.

Response to Global Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Low Carbon Commitment

The company adheres to the concept of enhancing employees’ environmental awareness and occupational safety and health performance. While building customer trust and profit, it pays more attention to the implementation of social responsibility, environmental protection and occupational safety and health related activities and management systems. We are well aware that the earth’s climate and environment are gradually deteriorating under the influence of the multiplication of greenhouse gases. As a member of the earth and fulfilling corporate responsibilities, the company will be committed to promoting greenhouse gas reduction and low carbon commitments from now on:

(1) Continue to save energy and reduce carbon, and protect the earth’s ecological environment.
(2) Green procurement reduces carbon emissions from the source.
(3) Continuous improvement to develop low-carbon products.
(4) Carry out education training and promotion of volume reduction actions to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
(5) Committed to carbon information disclosure and become an important partner for customers in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Power Saving Measures

The environmental impact of the company’s operating activities is mainly the electricity used in the office space. In order to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction, the number of employees has increased and new offices have been expanded and low carbon AI and Green AI will be in place. If employees grow, the carbon emissions will be reduced by 2%. The main measures include:

(1) The company’s buildings fully adopt power-saving lamps, air-conditioners and water dispensers for timing shutdown management, and the air-conditioning setting is not lower than 26 degrees Celsius.
(2) The Administration and General Affairs Department conducts daily company-wide inspections to check whether employees turn off the power after get off work, and turn off the power in unused offices.

Energy Saving

The company started with information technology. iKM provides a knowledge sharing platform to collect internal and external knowledge, strengthen the ability to respond immediately, and improve the speed and quality of decision-making. NuEIP has also been built internally, combining functions such as job management, announcements and performance appraisals, and e-management to reduce paper consumption. Low-carbon AI reduces energy consumption by reducing retraining and data model training by practicing mindful and efficient computational resources to support sustainable artifcial intelligence infrastructure.

Environmental Investment

The company replaces energy-saving lamps and toilets, replaces water-saving toilets, replaces old computer room UPS, air conditioners and other electrical equipment, and replaces old air conditioners and other electrical equipment. After that, it will replace old electrical equipment every year according to the plan to improve equipment efficiency, Implement a low-energy working environment.

Water Resources Management

Water Conservation and Commitment

Since the company belongs to the information service industry and is not a manufacturing industry, it does not actually manufacture products, so it does not use raw materials, large amounts of water resources, etc. The main energy consumption is concentrated in office computers and computer room equipment. During the operation, no additional waste water will be generated except for the water used for general people’s livelihood. The water source is 100% from the water company. Groundwater or other water sources are not used. Therefore, there is no extraction and the impact of geological subsidence is caused. , There is no doubt about water pollution. The company strengthens the environmental protection concept of water saving for employees. The use of water-saving equipment for domestic water will save 20% of domestic water.

Ecological Protection


The company sets up recycling bins to classify resources to reduce the impact on the environment, and adopts repeated use of photocopying recycling paper, old envelopes to transfer internal documents, regular recycling of waste toner cartridges, waste paper, old office chairs, and Measures such as recycling and reprocessing of old computers.

Clean Environment

Since its establishment, the company has not suffered any monetary or non-monetary penalties for violation of environmental regulations. In addition, because the company’s industry is not applicable, it has not been verified by ISO14001 or similar environmental management systems.