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Integrate multi-channel social media platforms to provide solutions for membership management, marketing interactive games, customer journey, CRM systems, and LINE official account operations, helping businesses/platforms achieve a one-stop comprehensive marketing service system using MarTech.

*This product is dedicated to LINE, but similar service can be provided to other platforms.

Customer management

Interactive Marketing Games

Customer Journey

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

LINE Official Account
Solution for Business Operations

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LINE Official Account

The user identity, interaction trajectory, behavior records, and other information areas provide insights into user preferences and complete user profiles.

AI Interactive Conversations

Integrate SmartRobot AI technology to design scenario-based dialogue content, turning services into lively conversations: quick Q&A, psychological tests, challenges, and product recommendations.



Keyword Responses

Set up response content when users inquire about specific keywords, support multiple keyword conditions, and connect to real-time reward mechanisms.

Automated User Journeys

Design user-triggered journey content based on specified conditions, such as adding items to the shopping cart, remarketing, service promotion, monthly birthday discounts, etc.



Segmentation with Tags

Built-in tag database and tags linkable to CRM systems to manage user identities, preferences, and classifications, enabling more precise user segmentation.

Interactive Lottery Games

Lottery games such as spinning wheels, scratch cards, point collection cards, and check-in activities.

Real-time Rewards

Instant award mechanisms for coupons, electronic serial numbers, and LINE Point credits, linked to interactive lottery games, automated journeys, and keyword responses for immediate award distribution, enhancing user experience.

Survey Collection

Customizable survey content to collect user feedback, supporting six question types: single choice, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, date, star rating, and numeric questions.

MGM (Member Get Member) Activities

Invite friends to join as friends or members through MGM activities, with flexible activity goal settings, customizable activity interface designs, and linked real-time award mechanisms to enhance the virality of fan acquisition activities.



PNP Messaging

Integration with LINE PNP API to send important notifications to individual users via LINE messages.

Multiple Message Templates

Support for up to ten message editing templates: text, button-style, image map, image carousel, card carousel, image, voice, video, sticker, and Flex Message.



Conversation/Interaction Tracking and Analysis

Tracking of friend counts, push message interaction effectiveness, and analysis of conversation content themes.

Exclusive Member Services

Notification for card swiping, in and out account notifications, billing notifications, order notifications, application progress notifications, etc., ensuring no important exclusive messages are missed.



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