SmartWork makes you work smart

Microsoft 365 Teams + Intumit conversational AI platform.

Streamline internal workflows, manage leave requests, book meeting rooms, link to the company’s knowledge base, FAQs, and manuals. This comprehensive process assists employees in saving time and increasing work efficiency. Let everyone Work Smart.

Leave request

Book meeting room

Link to knowledge base

Increase work efficiency

Main Function


Microsoft 365 Copilot

Integrated into productivity applications used by millions of people for work and life every day, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc., providing internal employees with 24-hour online consultation.


Integrate various internal systems and service processes

Can integrate HR leave/attendance systems, meeting room reservation systems, IT maintenance systems, corporate knowledge base, employee manuals, and other internal systems, simplifying daily operational processes such as application/approval/reservation. It’s the best work companion for enterprise employees!


SmartDA powered by Azure AI/ChatGPT

Integrated with Azure AI/ChatGPT’s Large Language Model (LLM) API, this service provides basic knowledge loading to accelerate service delivery. Additionally, SmartDA ensures information security management and control within the enterprise by assigning different permissions to each department and role, enabling different roles to access different information.



24/7, round-the-clock real-time support for internal enterprise needs

Paired with comprehensive permission controls and an intranet login mechanism, providing employees with a secure and highly protected environment. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, linking to the company’s knowledge base, FAQs, and manuals, assisting employees in saving operational time and increasing work efficiency.


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Experience efficient employee support now! Visit the Microsoft AppSource page to start using SmartDA!

Currently, the demo version of SmartDA is available in five languages: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Start working smart today!



Yes, we can evaluate and plan according to the nature of your company. You can refer to the following examples:

  • For general companies: Integrate with the human resources system to assist in checking attendance; integrate with the knowledge management system to help employees query internal documents and data.
  • For convenience stores like FamilyMart: Integrate with internal systems to assist headquarters staff and regional representatives in solving procurement, product, and event issues, and provide a quick channel for headquarters education and training and workflow-related document queries.
  • For banks like Yongfeng Bank: Integrate with internal IT systems to solve internal IT problems 24/7.

The construction time varies depending on the internal systems that need to be integrated, including factors such as scale, possible limitations, and whether external vendors are involved.

If building a standard internal dialogue service system, the construction time is approximately 3 months.

Estimated construction process: Requirements clarification → Process planning → Inventory content topics → Internal system integration → Testing → Go-live → Optimization after going live

Yes, there are relevant teams available for consultation throughout the project process, and there are also maintenance plans provided after the official launch. If there is a need to expand more internal services, professional teams will assess the service for your company at that time.

You can apply for a POC by emailing, or you can try out the SmartWork series products  SmartDA(Demo version) to confirm feasibility.

If your company’s system is from other external vendors, we will ask your company to assist in convening a tripartite meeting to further discuss technical specifications.

SmartWork makes you work smart​

Microsoft 365 Teams + Intumit Conversational AI Platform