SmartWork makes you work smart

Microsoft 365 Teams + Intumit conversational AI platform.

Streamline internal workflows, manage leave requests, book meeting rooms, link to the company’s knowledge base, FAQs, and manuals. This comprehensive process assists employees in saving time and increasing work efficiency. Let everyone Work Smart.

Leave request

Book meeting room

Link to knowledge base

Increase work efficiency

Main Function


Microsoft 365 Copilot

Integrated into productivity applications used by millions of people for work and life every day, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc., providing internal employees with 24-hour online consultation.


Integrate various internal systems and service processes

Integrates HR leave / attendance, meeting room reservations, IT maintenance, knowledge bases, and employee manuals to streamline daily operations like applications, approvals, and reservations. 


SmartDA powered by Azure AI/ChatGPT

Integrated with Azure AI/ChatGPT’s LLM API, this service speeds up knowledge loading. SmartDA enhances security by assigning role-based permissions, ensuring each department accesses only relevant information.


24/7, round-the-clock real-time support for internal enterprise needs

With robust permission controls and intranet login, employees get a secure environment. Integrated with Microsoft Teams, it connects to the company’s knowledge base, FAQs, and manuals, boosting efficiency and saving time.

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Currently, the demo version of SmartDA is available in five languages: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Start working smart today!


SmartWork makes you work smart​

Microsoft 365 Teams + Intumit Conversational AI Platform