Utilizing Vertex AI's Machine Learning Capabilities

Tailoring Generative AI Service Solutions for Clients

Intumit is a Certified Google Cloud Partner

Intumit is honored to be one of the official Google Cloud Partner. This enables us to leverage Google Vertex AI to build cutting-edge artificial intelligence products. With Vertex AI Vizier and Vertex AI Experiments, we conduct code-free training for hyperparameter tuning or custom training, empowering our clients to successfully drive digital transformation initiatives and realize various generative AI service scenarios.

Vertex AI Workflow

Assistance with Data Preparation
Assistance with Data Cleaning, Analysis, and Splitting into Training, Validation, and Test Sets
Model Training
Utilizing Vertex AI Vizier and Vertex AI Experiments for Code-Free Hyperparameter Tuning or Custom Training
Model Evaluation and Iteration
Evaluating Model Performance Using Metrics Such as Accuracy and Recall
Model Serving
Deploying Models Using Custom Containers for Real-time or Batch Predictions
Model Monitoring
Using Vertex AI Model Monitoring to Continuously Monitor Model Performance, Detect, Predict, and Trigger Alerts for Optimization and Improvement


Build Chatbots Quickly with Fewer Training Resources

Execute Extensive and Complex Tasks through AI Conversational Interfaces

Handle Multilingual Conversations Without the Need for Interpreters

Learn Complex Structural Logic Like Humans

Shorten Service Development Time

Reduce Operational Costs

Obtain More Accurate Answers


In the prompt, you can set the content and scope of the response. You can instruct not to mention competitors or specific brand-related information. Additionally, when there is no standard or similar question, you can set rules to guide the response based on other dialogue cues.

Vertex AI allows you to set the tone of responses, provide multilingual answers, and generate answers automatically based on questions. This enables quick delivery of optimal response content.

The process of adopting Vertex AI mainly consists of four stages:

  • Stage 1: Brainstorming the initial version of prompts based on industry type.
  • Stage 2: Explanation of testing methods.
  • Stage 3: Testing and feedback from customers using test forms.
  • Stage 4: Adjusting prompts and knowledge responses based on testing feedback.

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Utilizing Vertex AI's Machine Learning Capabilities

Tailoring Generative AI Service Solutions for Clients