STT Voice Recognition

Effectively improve work efficiency and processes

SmartRobot + STT Service

Using the advanced “GPT-3.x” and “GPT-4” technologies, the engine can efficiently learn new information and improve accuracy through training. It can accurately understand the meanings of words in context and suggest the correct prompts. Additionally, it supports multiple languages, allowing people who speak different languages to use it easily.

Through this voice recognition engine, users can easily upload files for recognition and receive accurate results. By training with prompt commands, the accuracy of voice recognition is further improved, enabling a better contextual understanding of each word.

Accurate speech recognition

Support for multiple languages

Language learning

Improve work efficiency


Friendly Service

STT Service can provide assistance to people with disabilities by providing real-time subtitles or transcribing speech into text.

Voice Assistants

STT Service effectively enhances the recognition technology and response speed of voice assistants in processing voice commands.

Multilingual Service

By providing accurate speech recognition in multiple languages, communication between people with different language backgrounds is facilitated.


Translate patients’ symptoms and related information for healthcare professionals to facilitate remote medical consultations.

Conference Solutions

Provide real-time translation for participants who have difficulty understanding spoken language in noisy environments, and offer transcription services for meeting content.

Customer Service Automation

Enhance the automation of customer service centers, such as translating customer interactions, providing real-time support for customer service representatives, or analyzing customer emotions and feedback.

Broadcast Analysis

Analyze spoken content from podcasts or radio programs for data mining or trend analysis.

Language Learning

STT Service provides real-time feedback to help language learners practice speaking and listening skills, for example, with podcasts and audio materials.

Market Research

STT Service translates and analyzes customer feedback in real-time, providing valuable insights to improve products and services.


The most diverse voice recognition application utlizing a combination of multiple models

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