Environmental, Social, & Governance

The company’s mid- and long-term goals are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and are committed to the promotion of ESG’s three-dimensional sustainability concept of “environment, society, and governance”.

  1. In terms of strengthening corporate governance, Intumit has established two independent committees under the board of directors, the “Remuneration Committee” and the “Audit Committee”, to strengthen the supervisory function of the board of directors, and honest operation will be the control of the concerns of stakeholders.
  2. In terms of environmental sustainability, we closely integrate climate change and water resource management issues with company operations to achieve the goals of Environmental Protection, Green AI, Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, and Water Conservation. We work hard for environmental sustainability and responsible innovation to actively participate in ecological conservation, which has become important for protecting Taiwan’s environment.
  3. In terms of social value creation and participation, respect human rights, provide a safe working environment and employee benefits, and invite supplier partners to work together to build a green supply chain, move from energy saving and carbon reduction to a circular economy, and jointly expand the influence of the overall industry and enhance sustainability The value of development. Actively participate in community public welfare, provide services for disadvantaged friends, social welfare institutions and schools, directly participate in and give back to the society.