Intumit 出席 2021 年 Microsoft FSI CXO 活動

Intumit 受邀在 2021 年 Microsoft FSI CXO 上發表主題為“科技賦能,轉變金融新常態”的演講。Herb Jiang(Intumit 技術長)分享了關於 Intumit SmartWork 如何使用 Microsoft Teams 對永豐銀行的服務進行數位轉型的創新討論。

Intumit was invited to speak at 2021 Microsoft FSI CXO on the topic of Technology Empowering to Turn the New Normal of Finance. Herb Jiang (CTO, Intumit) shared an innovative discussion on how Intumit SmartWork has digitally transformed Bank Sinopac’s service using Microsoft Teams.

Taking place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei on January 14th, 2021, senior financial executives and experts in various fields attended to discuss how to smartly enable the restructuring of new industry patterns with the new normal era. How Bank Sinopac and SmartWork have maintained balance to satisfy customers in a calm but efficient way, how the solution can spark Taiwan’s financial industry with international financial technology trends, and how to exist cohesively within enterprise while maintaining information security was several of the hot topics discussed during this event.

Intumit SmartWork solution allowed Bank Sinopac to empower their employees through Digital Transformation by introducing Microsoft 365 Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) with Microsoft Teams, allowing their organization to maintain flexibility, efficiency, and productivity in the face of the new normal and variable future to come.