Intumit 參加英特爾活動:自主事物以及自動駕駛解決方案和服務的演變

Intumit 受邀參加 2020 年 9 月 17 日在泰國曼谷舉行的“自治事物以及自動駕駛解決方案和服務的演變”,與 CTC Global(泰國)有限公司、戴爾科技集團和 Gorilla Technology Group 一起發表演講。

Intumit has been invited to attend to speak with CTC Global (Thailand) Ltd., Dell Technologies, and Gorilla Technology Group at the Autonomous Things and the Evolution of Self-Driving Solutions and Services held at Bangkok, Thailand on September 17, 2020.

Amid the COVID-19 and travelling difficulties, Mr. Taanakit Intharaudom, our CTC Thailand’s Partner spoke on our behalf to introduce and share Intumit’s SmartWork, a powerful internal helpdesk solution using Microsoft Teams.

SmartWork integrates with Office tool software’s and enhance team communication, file sharing, group editing, multi-party concalls, screen sharing, calendar scheduling and more. Intumit’s SmartWork AI can integrate with internal enterprise systems (ServiceNow, Salesforce, AEC, Dynamics 365,…etc) too for a more complete packaged solution to our clients.