Spanning across multiple industry applications

Realizing the most user scenarios and exclusive services

Banking and Financial Industry

SmartKMS and SmartRobot are widely favored by numerous banks and financial institutions in Taiwan, with a market share exceeding 85%.

Telecommunications Industry

Establishing robot services to assist users in problem-solving reduces the volume of calls handled by phone customer service representatives. Voice-enabled robots can also be designed to provide services more quickly and conveniently.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Assisting users with appointment scheduling, reminding of return visit times, viewing physician clinic information, real-time inquiry of appointment status, setting medication reminders, and more, allowing medical institutions, pharmacies, and clinics to provide more intimate services to patients.

Life Insurance Industry

Building a robot to provide thoughtful services such as policy inquiry, application, and progress tracking for life insurance industry users. Available online 24/7 to assist users with policy calculations, planning, and other inquiries.

Retail E-commerce Industry

“Integrate with e-commerce CRM platforms so that SmartRobot and SmartBC can assist with consumer concerns such as product recommendations, product inquiries, order records, shipment status, and more.

Public Government Sector

Building a 24/7 non-stop citizen service, online automation of convenience services, and constantly updated government information to enhance public satisfaction.

Education Curriculum Sector

Online access to academic knowledge, life skills, and essential content. Services include viewing course schedules, online course reservations, tracking learning progress, and assignment statuses. Additionally, the development of indispensable companion reading robots for the learning journey.

Travel, Tourism, and Transportation Industry

Essential information for travelers such as travel planning, transportation connections, ticket booking, ticket retrieval, etc. Implementation of professional travel robots to provide travelers with the most needed services anytime, anywhere.

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