Complete in 60 seconds and add friends! LINE teams up with Taiwan Mobile to help stores upgrade their AI Voice Reservation Services

The AI voice reservation system, developed jointly by LINE and Intumit, simulates human-like conversations and integrates with the Inline online reservation system. This allows small and medium-sized restaurants across Taiwan to save on labor costs while providing users with a 24-hour AI voice reservation experience.

Gather your friends and family for a meal, and besides making reservations online or by phone, there is now a new “AI Q&A” voice reservation service where users can call the restaurant anytime, and within one minute, their reservation will be completed. After completing the resrvation, the user will receive a confirmation notification from the restaurant’s official LINE account, they acn now eliminate worries about missed reservations during peak hours or incorrect registration information and have customer missout on their meal!

To address the manpower shortage for small and medium-sized restaurant owners, LINE has partnered with Taiwan Mobile to launch the exclusive “AI Voice Reservation Service” today (5/30). This service integrates Taiwan Mobile’s telephony system with an AI voice dialogue reservation system developed by LINE and Intumit by simulating human-like conversations. It also connects to Inline’s online reservation system, helping restaurants reduce manpower costs while providing users with a 24-hour AI voice reservation experience.

A journalist tested the demo: after dialing the store’s landline using a smart phone, an AI voice system asks for the reservation date, time, and number of people, and once confirmed, the reservation is completed, and the user receives a notification from the store’s official LINE account. Users can choose to add the store’s LINE account as a friend to continue its interactions using the AI voice reservation system.

The AI voice resrvation system also features to be transferred to a live agent  to further converse with them during business hours. The “AI Voice Reservation System” currently only allows reservations up to 30 days in advance for a maximum of 6 people.

The first wave of restaurants to go live includes Second Floor Cafe and Meat-Freak. Taiwan Mobile’s General Manager, Lin Zhi-Chen, stated the plan is to gradually introduce this service to tens of thousands of restaurants, aiming for a scale of 100,000 to 200,000 establishments. LINE mentioned that while the initial focus is on the restaurant industry, they may extend the service to other fields like hotel bookings and course registrations in the future.

Starting today, restaurant operators who newly subscribe to Taiwan Mobile’s “Mobile Landline” service and pair it with the “AI Voice Reservation Service” dual inbound version for both Mobile Landline and LINE Call can enjoy an early bird discount for the first six months at a monthly rate of NT$598 (originally NT$998). Existing restaurant operators using Taiwan Mobile’s “Mobile Landline” service can add the dual inbound version of the “AI Voice Reservation Service” for just NT$299 per month for the first six months (originally NT$799). The monthly fee for the Mobile Landline version alone is NT$199 for the first six months (originally NT$599).

Complete a reservation in 60 seconds and add friends on LINE: Partnering with Taiwan Mobile to upgrade AI voice reservation services for businesses

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