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Microsoft Azure OpenAI

Admin Portal with Azure OpenAI

Microsoft Azure OpenAI (AOAI) offers enterprise access to REST API capabilities for OpenAI generative AI models, including GPT-3, Codex, DALL•E 2, and Embeddings. Intumit assists clients in utilizing Azure OpenAI to achieve functions such as content generation, summarization, semantic search, and natural language to code translation.

With Microsoft Azure’s oversight, clients can ensure enhanced security for user data privacy, enabling enterprises to leverage large-scale AI models and utilize generative AI to enhance user experience and realize various service scenarios.

Combining Microsoft Teams software with Azure solutions meets a variety of service scenarios for both external clients and internal employees within an enterprise.

Intumit offers an enterprise-level Azure OpenAI Generative AI Application Management Platform – Admin Portal. 

This platform allows enterprises to provide generative AI applications across websites, social media platforms, apps, and voice channels. 

It provides a comprehensive solution for building, training, testing, and deploying such applications. By assisting enterprises in creating brand/corporate AI intelligent conversation services, it enhances service scalability and integrates with enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, and HRIS, providing users with smarter and more personalized service experiences.

Main Function


Establish a FAQ knowledge base

Transforming static common FAQs into a specialized structure based on key domain terms. This structure will be associated with context-specific questions, including their alternative questions, synonyms, and leveraging the feature of machine learning


Multi-intent combination answers

In a single inquiry, users may pose multiple questions. The chatbot can retrieve multiple matching answers from the FAQ knowledge base and use the Admin Portal to blend them into one answer that meets the customer’s expectations, easily addressing various difficult and complex questions.


Semantic Search

Utilizing the large-scale language models integrated with Azure OpenAI (Admin Portal), answers are generated by processing uploaded documents and user queries. This assists users in answering questions from unstructured textual documents without the need to create individual common questions and conduct training.


Azure OpenAI provides direct reference answers

Through integration with Azure OpenAI’s large-scale language model (Admin Portal), users can generate reference answer content by simply providing questions, with settings for tone, role, and direction.


Parsing voice messages

Parsing voice messages involves uploading speech-to-text (STT), LINE CALL audio files, or other audio system files to the platform for speech content analysis. Based on the parsed content, the platform generates key summaries or Q&A responses.


Optimizing answer content

Optimizing answer content involves refining the tone, adapting to different language variations across countries, and refining response styles.

Clients Using Azure OpenAI (AOAI)

Microsoft Teams with SmartWork

Internal business processes, leave applications, meeting room reservations, linking to the company’s knowledge base, FAQs, and work manuals, etc., complete the process to assist employees in saving time and improving work efficiency. Let everyone work smart.

Main Function


Microsoft 365 Copilot

Integrated into productivity applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc., providing internal employees with 24-hour online consultation.


Integrate various internal systems and service processes

Streamlining daily operations like applications, approvals, and reservations.


SmartDA powered by Azure AI/OpenAI/ChatGPT

Integrated with Azure AI/ChatGPT’s LLM API, this service accelerates knowledge loading for faster service.


24/7, round-the-clock real-time support for internal enterprise needs

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, linking to the company’s knowledge base, FAQs, and manuals, assisting employees in saving operational time and increasing work efficiency.

Clients Using Intumit Admin Portal