Human-centric Knowledge Management System

Assist businesses in managing a large volume of company documents and knowledge assets through a single platform

Knowledge Management System

SmartKMS knowledge management system serves as the strongest ally for enterprises in gathering internal and external knowledge. With a comprehensive knowledge repository, it enhances the company’s ability to respond in real-time, improves the speed and quality of decision-making, and significantly boosts the efficiency of both workers and managers. Being able to quickly grasp accurate information anytime, anywhere becomes essential for companies to stay competitive and sustainably develop in the era of big data.

Knowledge repository

File management

Mobile knowledge sharing platform

Improve work efficiency



Knowledge gathering

Provide management and services for knowledge accumulation, import, editing, review, publishing, querying, feedback, analysis, and more.


Knowledge organization

A flexible knowledge classification framework that defines shelf life, differentiates response content for various users, and allows for customized sorting.


Diverse utilization of knowledge

Diversified document search, providing popular question rankings, latest question lists, directory navigation search, favorites, full-text retrieval, multidimensional intelligent search interface, and supporting keyword prediction.



File Management

Document management is rigorous, providing backend administrators with a mechanism to control the questions and answers of intelligent text customer service. It also offers a complete history of additions and revisions for questions and answers, facilitating maintenance by management personnel.



System administration

Account/classification permissionization allows relevant documents to be included in the knowledge base, providing group permission-level classification and multiple classification indexing.


Multi-platform integration

SmartKMS knowledge management system can integrate with many popular platforms, such as Salesforce, Box, SharePoint Online, Lotus Notes, Dynamics 365, file servers, and more.


Personal data protection

Adhere to audit standards for personal data protection principles, controlling data and user information within the knowledge management system.




Mobile KM

Knowledge access on the go, available not only on computer devices but also accessible on various mobile devices for querying and usage.


The ultimate assistant for knowledge base and document management

SmartKMS, the knowledge management system every enterprise/brand should have