Intumit 憑藉其以 Teams 為中心的對話式 AI 解決方案,很榮幸被評為 2022 年微軟台灣最佳應用創新合作夥伴。

Intumit was honored to be awarded as 2022 Microsoft Top App Innovation Partner in Taiwan for its Teams centered Conversational AI solutions.

Intumit has been assisting firms to continuously pursue different transformations in order to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The team has developed cutting-edge apps driven by Microsoft technologies through the use of AI, automation, analysis, and cloud technologies to satisfy client needs and solve problems using business knowledge and industry expertise.

Intumit provides versatile and personalized Conversational AI services for enterprise’s external and internal services. Natively built on Microsoft Teams and integrated with Microsoft Graph API, Intumit’s Smart applications interactively assist Microsoft 365 users in a dialogue-based fashion. With the features of contextual reasoning, reinforcement learning, relevant recommendation, and predictive analytics, these apps help enterprise to better understand their employees and customers.  By connection with the management systems often used in the enterprise, such as: HRIS, ITMS, CRM, ERP, and more, Intumit’s offerings on Microsoft AppSource can empower conversational AI/DX everywhere in enterprise’s daily operation.   

For more information with our service with Microsoft Teams and other internal Conversational AI, please visit: or contact us at if you are further interested in our services.

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