Applications of Use

Supporting enterprise brand users/developers in accessing demos, resource documents, proposals, and related explanations

Service Assistant

Your Virtual Service Partner

Customer Service (CS) Assistant

24/7 Customer Service: Building, planning, and integrating customer service across multiple channels, analyzing customer behavior and interactions to enhance service processes and satisfaction.

Marketing Assistant

MarTech Essentials: Implementing online draws, MGM activities, user journey tracking, and behavioral insights and tagging for marketers, amplifying brand marketing impact and resonance.

Human Resource (HR) Support Assistant

Internal Operations Support: Assisting with internal document inquiries, meeting room management, leave requests, and addressing daily work issues to enhance employee experience and efficiency.

IT Support Assistant

IT Management Optimization: Streamlining internal IT documentation, permissions, and employee repair processes to improve operational efficiency.

Generative AI (AIGC) Assistant

AI-powered Assistance: Constructing an AI-powered assistant within the Large Language Model (LLM), generating corresponding information, Q&A, summarizing key points, and language translation based on user input, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.

Voice Service Assistant

Using advanced AI technology, users can easily upload files for precise recognition. Prompt training improves voice recognition accuracy, enhancing contextual understanding of each word.

Secure and Flexible Service for Various Industries

Integrating New AI Technologies and Pioneering Implementation

We have assisted clients across various industries in implementing AOAI-powered applications, including: automatic question and answer generation, data labeling, organizing meeting records, summarizing key documents from speech-to-text, and automatically generating reports.

Professional Team of System Integration and Service Planning

Accumulating over 25 years of experience in software application development and cross-system integration, we possess a seasoned project consulting team to assist clients in planning integration and service processes.

Agile methodology for tailored experience to enterprises / brands

Adapting to various project natures and client dispositions, we find the most suitable communication and collaboration mode during the project process, successfully facilitating the smooth progress of your projects.

Experience highly qualified, certified team service

Recipient of prestigious awards such as Gartner Cool Vendor, Gartner Top AI Startup, and Microsoft Top Valuable ISV Partner, we hold official certifications from LINE and LINE Clova, as well as Google Partner credentials. With a highly skilled team, we are your most reliable choice.

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